Chemical smell from Products-Please Help

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Chemical smell from Products-Please Help
11 Mar 2019
Hello Guys,

First of all, I would like to mention, that I already did my research on this Topic and found some solutions to this Problem, but nothing did really help. Furthermore, I am very new to this business, so please excuse my lack of knowledge...I still have to learn a lot, especially from you guys

I have ordered some samples and tried different Suppliers, but for some reason they cannot get rid of this “chemical smell”. This smell is not so bad, that It would totally kill the product, but it is still noticeable, and I don’t want to have my first product rated bad and have it as a failure if I knew before it could be solved somehow.

Affected are some Rubber Products as well as headphones and USB Cables. Also the interior of some hard-shell EVA Cases. If I am wrong on this Forum here, maybe somebody could help me with some links. This would also help a lot.

Thank you very much
Best wishes
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Re: Chemical smell from Products-Please Help
12 Mar 2019

It seems the chemical products is too strong especially rubbing alcohol. You're right, they can destroy the rubber products.

I guess you have to fight another supplier where they sell a mild chemical product.
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