3Dsellers Platform Updates

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3Dsellers Platform Updates
13 Mar 2019
New! We’ve added capabilities to our eBay selling tools, thanks to our user suggestions

We’re so happy to have active eBay sellers who’re interesting in improving their selling experience and we take everybody’s suggestions very seriously. 3Dsellers was built by sellers for sellers – we stand firmly behind this concept and welcome your tips with open ears.

If you have tips and suggestions of your own, we now implemented a “Request a Feature” button at the top right corner of each existing tool. In addition, if you want to tip a new tool, hit the “Request a Feature” at the bottom of the tools list (on the left) and you’ll see a list of ideas. There, you can either upvote an idea that someone else already added or add your own. We always go over this list and create changes as per your ideas!

These are the updated eBay selling tools:
  • Inventory Manager
  • Webstore
  • Export to CSV
  • CRM & Helpdesk

  • To see full details of the update, visit our most recent blog post and learn more.

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