Not for a commercial bussiness

A review of Auctiva by competitiveautomotive
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Not for a commercial bussiness
13 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? It was a decent service for us starting out back in 2007. But this has changed dramatically and has not kept up with making improvements or dealing with mandated changes required from eBay in timely manners. Get the impression from since it was bought out they seem to only maintain things only at a minimum. Just riding the wave. All companies do have their downfalls or problems that can occur, which is just part of life. We understand that and take things in stride working with issues as they seem to come along. Getting acknowledgements of issues or having issues addressed is what matters.They were OK earlier on. Then it became the deceit of your the only one have these issues. Yet you would read other people had the same exact problems and been given the same answers. When confronted, you get a different answer. Or Tech is aware and is working on it. Brush off type answers or talking in circles. Years go by still some of the same problems never get addressed or fixed. Then comes the browser issues. Well we use to support Explorer, but no longer. Use Chrome now. A year or so it is Oh, we no longer support that browser now use Firefox. Seems to be always something to have to work things out with. Lately, it has been blamed to being eBay's fault.or there issues. Contact eBay and they say straight out it is Auctiva issues which they have no control over. So in short if you plan on trying to get any support .you will get the runaround answers without resolving the problems. Sometimes no answer is much better than being directly lied to. Now I don't want you to get the wrong impression of constantly complaining or having daily issues where you just wear them down. but are talking about two or maybe three issues in a course of a year at the very most being very pleasant and having patience about addressing them. But never getting things properly resolved. Would not recommend this service for any large business. Might be OK for a hobbyist or small occasional sellers. But not to invest years or any large amounts of time into. As it will all be a waste of time getting nothing back in return. Bulk editing is heavily flawed and will make unintentional changes to other aspects you did not want changed or altered or loses certain offered shipping information.When creating listings if you go over the character limits when you hit save at the end, it will lose all the information you entered without any prompts or warnings..Some selling choice options available in eBay are not offered in Auctiva. Over long time frames as they change servers or have hosting, or hacking issues, some listings will either disappear or not be available. Search engine for looking up your own listings is heavily flawed. Doesn't seem to find exact matched words or wording entered. Even though word is completely exact in your title description. Labor time costs fixing there issues get to be staggering.

Could anything have been better? Support for issues would be on top of the list. Templates are so outdated and orientated mostly pertaining to crafts, Flowers, Art Deco, hobbyist, or just plain straight out ugly, Not much for Commercial, Business Industrial or Automotive other than Simple Plain Outdated Generic. This company had something good to initially offer that could of grown into something much more better. But they have chosen to let it all slip by them Sadly to have to say.

How was the support? Outright Terrible!!! Worn Out Tired And Frustrated of Playing Games. Can't fix old existing problems or at-least to even acknowledge them. So no chance of getting any new problems fixed. On Deaf Ears..Not normally one to have the time to do a review until being
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