Bordering on Fraud not refunding within grace period

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Bordering on Fraud not refunding within grace period
14 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall?
As inventory management for leading channels within USA and Europe, it works fairly well.
Everything else is diabolical far behind the rest of the pack, it all has the feel of a few guys working out of a basement somewhere.

Support is good on live chat but awful if you are trying to get your refund even within the statutory rights window.
If it is not breaking trading standards bordering on fraudulent behaviour.
They use an argument that software is not the same, so the rule doesn't apply? that is the first time I've heard that one? We will be seeking legal advice.
My Advice to anyone would be to watch out if you enter a subscription they may keep hold of your money and if you want to leave, you may have to wait till the end of your period.
Not good at all if you are just trialling the software.

The Small claim court is our next step once we have been advised.
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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: Bordering on Fraud not refunding within grace period
21 Mar 2019
Sorry to hear about your experience, we follow the follwing rules (from Terms&Conditions:

3.1 A customer is entitled to a refund within 14 days of their initial Subscription Date. Once a refund is issued, Linn Systems will delete the customer’s details/databases and will deactivate the software. Linn Systems will not provide any refunds after the initial 14 day period. Any used remote training sessions are considered services rendered and are not refundable.
3.2 Customers are entitled to cancel a subscription at any time. To cancel a subscription, a customer will need to log into the Account Management System and go through the Cancellation Procedure. An account will remain active until next billing date is due, and will be deactivated thereafter.
3.2.1 If a customer cancels partway through a 6 or 12 month paid subscription, the account will be cancelled and the data will be deleted at the end of this period. Data can be deleted earlier if requested and confirmed in writing. No refunds will be issued outside of the 14-day initial Subscription period as in 3.1.

If you feel that somehow, Linnworks has not handled according to the above, please send me a personal message via webretailer with your contact details, and I'll get in touch with you to make things right.
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