Terrific experience

A review of Thompson & Holt by thinpick17
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Terrific experience
20 Mar 2019
I have stated all of this same stuff on Trust pilot but that's because it's completely true so I'm just going to copy and paste it here.

I've had a terrific experience with this company. Laura continually worked with me and was able to get 7 ASINs reinstated... Just terrific. It was a complicated situation too and I had already tried myself for many months. It took us a while dealing with Amazon but she was able to make it happen. I also worked them a while ago on reinstating and entire account however we weren't able to get that reinstated. They did however warn me prior that it would be touch so I purchased the money back guarantee and received my money back when we determined we weren't able to save the account. Thank you Thompson and Holt!!
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