Cascadia Delivers Above & Beyond

A review of Cascadia Seller Solutions by vansiehome
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Cascadia Delivers Above & Beyond
20 Mar 2019
I would suggest that people look at Cascadia's response to any negative reviews to see the whole picture. I have worked with Cascadia for several years now, using both free training and tools as well as paid services and training modules. There literally is NO OTHER PLACE that you can get the truth about what works and what doesn't work that ALSO falls under Amazon's Terms of Service. They also will show you how to accomplish everything with minimal outside paid services. Most other trainers are sending you to their apps or others that they get a profit from. So how can you possibly know if they are the best? You don't. And the fact is that you can do a LOT of things without the expensive services and it doesn't really take any longer for most of them. They not only bring a personal level of service to anything I have gotten from them, they CARE that I succeed and are there for any questions I have ever had. If I have a problem with something, they either explain so I understand better or fix what is an actual problem on their part. I have rarely found a company that wants to give their customers the level of support that I think is important. We all know Amazon's philosophy is customers first and that drives ALL their policies. Well, the same is true of Cascadia and they teach that to sellers, as well. If someone is unhappy, all they have to do it talk to them about it. I firmly believe that anyone still unhappy was probably never going to be satisfied or has unrealistic expectations of what was to be provided. Seriously, if you are considering learning how to be successful on Amazon and you are interested in doing it the RIGHT way, not necessarily the current "fad" and the quickest way, then there is no better firm than Cascadia.
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