Accurate Profitability per SKU Amazon Accounting Software?

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Accurate Profitability per SKU Amazon Accounting Software?
23 Mar 2019
I am an experienced Amazon focused reseller currently using SellerActive to sync marketplaces with Quickbooks Online for our Amazon and eBay businesses.

We are lacking the ability to automatically see our true profitability per SKU on our Amazon sales as the reports we can run in Quickbooks do not include everything on a per SKU basis. Does any automated solution include all of these (per SKU, not just total per period):
Referral Fee
Storage Fee
Amazon sponsored product advertising fees
Return Fees

Inventory Lab Stratify (based on their website description) might be of interest for the above; can anyone speak to that?

Another hole in our automation is that our FBA returns, FBA lost items, and various FBA adjustments must be entered manually. Do any of the solution providers do a great job automating this for accurate inventory counts, reconciliation, and claims to Amazon?

What is your advice on the best overall automation setup for our arbitrage and wholesale sourcing Amazon focused multichannel online reseller covering accounting (with P&L and BS functionality), automated $ and inventory syncing with Amazon and possibly other marketplaces, inventory tracking including SN records, analytics including profitability per SKU, etc.?

Thank you in advance for your insights and feedback.
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Re: Accurate Profitability per SKU Amazon Accounting Softwar
6 Apr 2019
We have developed a program which enables a seller to track gross profit:
Filtering on Dates: Choosing Years, Quarters, Months, or Days
Then Drilling down from:
Family of SKUs
Fulfillment Type i.e. FBA, Seller, Dropship, Prime
Orders, Refunds, Defective Refunds
For each of the Drill down items the screen shows:
$Sales, Sales%, $Amazon Fees, Fees%, $COGS, Qty sold/returned, COGS%, $Profit, Profit%, % of Total, $Profit Net, Net%, Amazon Shipping CR and Actual Shipping cost
The transactions are downloaded from Amazon’s, Report, Payment, Transactions screen and as such include every dollar transaction that is included on the Amazon Statement Period Summary Report. This is the report that Amazon provides to a seller showing the how the amount they are being paid is arrived at. Our program captures all of the following:
Orders & Refunds
Product charges
Promo rebates
Amazon Fees** which include:
Referral Fee on item Price, Shipping Commission Fee, Refund Administration Fee FBA fees, Shipping Chargeback Fees, Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising Fees
**The Amazon Fees on their report is a total of many differently fees. Our program captures each individual fee and shows on our Statement Period report how they are calculated and saves each fee in each order’s record within this program.
Shipping services purchased through Amazon
Amazon Service Fees:
Subscription Fees, FBA Partnered Carrier Shipment Fee, FBA Inventory Storage Fee
This is what this program does now. We are looking for a beta user who needs these abilities and would like to have an influence on how it is displayed in its current format and have influence on the program’s future capabilities such as Integration with QuickBooks and automating the entry of UPS shipping costs into each shipped order record.
As a beta user there will be no charge for using the program. If you are interested in the above you can reach me at
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Re: Accurate Profitability per SKU Amazon Accounting Softwar
16 Apr 2019
You have a couple of them. I use Sellics. However, that one is quite expensive. You can also use a cheaper alternative such as Fetcher

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