Finally a service that works!!

A review of AsteroidX by stevenanderson883563
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Finally a service that works!!
23 Mar 2019
I am writing this to show my appreciation for the work that Pat and the rest of the team is doing for us.

We have been contacted from AsteroidX through an email, and at the beginning we thought it was like all those other businesses that guarantee profitable sales.

I want to first say that we sell more than 30 different products, but we were not able to run profitable campaigns (except for a few of them), even after several attempts and after working with a few more companies like Asteroidx.

We decided to give it a try anyway, because on the call, the team felt extremely confident that they could run profitable ads.

Since day 1, the team started working hard on creating campaigns for all my products, while keeping a good communication with my team. We were able to schedule calls with Jason (our ads manager) to talk about strategies that we had in mind, and they were applied in a matter of hours.

After the first few months, out of the 25 brand new campaigns they created, 0 of them were loosing money. All of them were bringing in more sales and thus more profit.

Based on what I have seen so far, the difference between Asteroidx and any other similar company is that they run all the ads manually, so there is an actual person running the ads instead of a computer. Also, they are able to create manual campaigns that bring in so much profitable sales, as opposed to simple automatic campaigns. I guess that's thanks to the expertise that Jason, Pat and the rest of the team have acquired by running so many campaigns.

It has not been a bit more that 4 months since we started working with Pat, and our revenue is steadily growing, reaching new records month after month. Their fee is just a very small share of the revenue they managed to bring in with their work.

We thought there was something wrong with our products, but it was actually lack of knowledge that didn't allow us to run profitable campaigns. We now look forward to keep working with the Asteroidx team, releasing new products each month and developing new strategies to share with Pat and the team.

I guess if you sell on Amazon and you cannot run profitable campaigns by yourself, it should be a no-brainer for you to at least try AsteroidX, and see the magic they can do with your campaigns.
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