Same story, my packages are in a black hole, never to be see

A review of UPS Mail Innovations by TXsteve936
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Same story, my packages are in a black hole, never to be see
24 Mar 2019
Same story as so many others. TWO orders, TWO separate shipments, both disappeared in the hand off from UPS to USPS. UPS says they delivered both packages, my local post office says they never got them. So now I'm in the middle, with both blaming each other. As I've adopted a policy of never buying anything over $20 from eBay, now I'm adopting another policy of immediately cancelling any order that ships by UPS mail innovations and buying from another retailer. Or shifting almost all my purchases to Amazon, who uses local employees to deliver in the D/FW metroplex.
I trust UPS. They've built a track record over years of delivering reliably for me. The Post Office on the other hand has a track record of profound incompetance, carelessness, and miserable customer service. I believe UPS in this case. I'd bet a week's salary they delivered, only to have some postal employee, who is protected from being fired for any reason, either steal the packages, or toss them in a dumpster. I hope the postal service goes bankrupt !
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Re: Same story, my packages are in a black hole, never to be
23 May 2019
Placed two orders on eBay in the same day. One item from a seller in Arizona the other for some camera equipment from Japan. Shipment from Japan arrived before the shipment from AZ. Seller in AZ used UPS Mail innovations. Package is now in same black hole between UPS and USPS.

UPS says delivered to Post office on Monday. USPS Tracking still shows awaiting item. On the evening of May 22nd the UPS Tracking was updated with an entry for May 20th (48 hours earlier stating it was delivered to the post office)

actual email from UPS:

Thank you for your e-mail.

I am sorry to hear that your parcel was not delivered to you on the expected delivery date.

I have checked the information and options available on your package and as you already know according to our records your shipper selected our UPS Mail Innovations delivery service which works with the U.S. Postal Service, providing the pick-up, processing, and interim transportation of mail, with final delivery being made by your local postal service.

I would like you to know that due to the type of your delivery service we are unable to further investigate the location of your shipment. I recommend you to contact your shipper to report your missing shipment since they prefer to handle this type of situation directly with you.


David V.
UPS Customer Support
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