Shipping Tips and Ideas

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Shipping Tips and Ideas
25 Jul 2009
Hi Everyone, I'm new to eBay selling and trying too ramp up my sales. I buy items in Hong Kong and sell them worldwide in which I handle the listings and the customer service, while a person I hired will take care of all shipping.

As of now, what I do is when I make a sale (and get paid), I manually put the shipping address in a google doc and mark the item as shipped so the customer will know. Then this google doc is of course shared and my employee can see this and ship out the correct item.

My question is, is there a better way to do this? Something that is more automated? Ideally, I'd like for my employee to see what has been sold and do the shipping and marking the shipment shipped for the customer.

Is there a good tool that I can use for this?

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Re: Shipping Tips and Ideas
28 Jul 2009
For the US, ShipWorks is great. www.ShipWorks.Com. Cannot speak for other countries. Best, Jack
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Re: Shipping Tips and Ideas
3 Aug 2009

wincheng wrote:

I buy items in Hong Kong and sell them worldwide
If you do that by listing directly on multiple eBay sites you might want to take a look at MerchantRun GlobalLink, which is designed with that specifically in mind.

To streamline your shipping, take a look at order management tools (which includes ShipWorks).

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