Ebay Global Postal System

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Ebay Global Postal System
3 Apr 2019
have just signed out of eBays Global Postal System
1 had a problem last year with a sale which ended up losing my rankings,(stopped GSP then, but seemed to be persueded to rejoin
2 major problem with multiple item postage Ebays GSP parcel to the USA £46.65, my sending £9.65, need I say more
3 Have sold items to buyer in French Polynesia, with Ebays GSP they won't send.
So if buyers from abroad could find my items befofore I joined Ebays GSP, there claim you would get more viewers is a lie and rubbish
So do not enrol in Ebays G S P its more trouble than its worth
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Re: Ebay Global Postal System
11 Jun 2019
One post has been deleted because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.


No more posts from suppliers please unless the original poster specifically says that they wants their input. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.
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