Pretty good with one major flaw

A review of RepricerExpress by Jax Music Supply
Max Meadows, VA United States
Jax Music Supply
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Pretty good with one major flaw
13 Apr 2019
[b]What was good about this product or service overall?
Very fast reprising changes and very accurate. So good a competitor sent a nasty email (anonymously) to us about our prices changing on Amazon!

Easy to update price changes and very fast processing.

Could anything have been better?

I find the user interface to be a bit cumbersome. Editing individual SKUs is very slow and difficult to navigate. The biggest flaw is that out of stock items are not updateable. This means that if you run out of items, get more in, and need to update price ranges you cannot do so until the system recognizes the SKU again, STUPID! They keep the original price. Basically I have to update them the next day, causing a delay in proper pricing. New items take just as long.


I found the service to be very responsive. They are polite and will help.

Other Comments

If you are outside the UK a foreign currency charge will apply. It costs an extra $3 or so a month. Minor annoyance. Also, whatever company charges you is a different name than the product. Confusing when doing the books.
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