Great product, love your newsletters

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Great product, love your newsletters
18 Apr 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? great
Their system is very clear and clean and helpful and accurate. I highly recommend it. It gives great insights into Amazon sales metrics that are important to drive decision making. If you have multiple amazon products then this is a must have. thanks.

Could anything have been better?

How was the support? exxcellent, their follow up content I always read because it is very helpful and not overselly, but instead practical and useful.
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Re: Great product, love your newsletters
25 Apr 2019
Thanks so much! And thanks for taking the time to come and leave a review. :-)

Helping provide clarity and insight to make decisions is definitely our goal. So glad MBS is working well for you. Also happy to hear you're loving the newsletters. We've tried to use those as a weekly gathering point for info, and we're always glad to learn when it's working. :-)

To your continued success!
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