Turbo Lister eBay tools - international?

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Turbo Lister eBay tools - international?
10 Aug 2009
Does Turbo Lister allow to list products on different eBay sites (and not just on eBay.com)?

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Re: Turbo Lister eBay tools - international?
24 Aug 2009
There are versions of Turbo Lister for different international eBay sites, but I'm not sure if you can list directly on different sites from the same TL installation.

For example:

UK: pages.ebay.co.uk/turbo_lister/
Spain: pages.ebay.es/turbo_lister/
Germany: pages.ebay.de/turbo_lister/

You can probably see the pattern!
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Re: Turbo Lister eBay tools - international?
20 Sep 2009
Hi.. Im new to this forum but have already started loving the information in it.

I tried to list an item in eBay.com after downloading Turbo Lister from ebay.co.uk.
Turbo lister downloaded a few files and once this was installed, the turbo lister will not accept another ebay uk account.
Does this convert a ".com" turbo lister to a ".co.uk" turbo lister?

I found this to be very strange... Can we not list items in multiple ebay sites using one turbo lister?