Integrated CMS Website with Automatic Branded HTML eBay List

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Integrated CMS Website with Automatic Branded HTML eBay List
10 Aug 2009
I would like to introduce to you a new product from our company It is a fully integrated website with full cms capability which automatically creates eBay listings mirroring the branding of your website. It links from eBay to your website and links back to eBay from your website (within eBay rules!). It is an offline windows application with full e-commerce which means you dont have laborious online forms to fill out. We have been trading with this software for only a month and have already created over 12 new online sales websites, this is following a years beta testing and has proved itself to be an extremely robust and easy to use system. It was reviewed by filemaker who believed it to be one of the best uses of their programming software they had seen.
There is a photo resizing component of the software which automatically resizes your images (and corporately watermarks them) and fits them into the website and to eBay listings. You only have to put information in once and hey presto! Updated website, automatic eBay listing!

Have a look at the product site at for more information and contact details.

I would be really grateful for any feedback, reccomendations etc.

Many thanks,

Shaun Stanley

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