Does this software exist?

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Does this software exist?
11 Aug 2009
I am looking for a piece of software that i can use my own FTP/web server with, that is free, and that is desktop based. I would like the software to just output html that i can paste in eBays create listing page. The software just has to take my item description, pictures i select, thumbnail them and upload them to my ftp, and generate the html. Listing Factory looks close but i dont want to pay for more than i need. I'd rather use ebays listing tool anyway for maximum compatibility it's just their image hosting fees are crazy. Thanks.
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Re: Does this software exist?
24 Aug 2009
What you are asking for is the basic functionality I would expect from an auction HTML design program. Those programs were much more popular a few years ago, a lot of the basic designers/listers are now web-based (e.g. Auctiva, Vendio Platform) and will work with their own image hosting rather than FTP to your own web space.

Take a look at the HTML Generation and Listers.

Some low-cost desktop options are AlienFiles, eBaitor, SpoonFeeder, Supreme Auction, Listomax.

Hope that helps

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Re: Does this software exist?
22 Oct 2009
closest i got was doing it myself..

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