Related Products Software? Does This Exist?

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Related Products Software? Does This Exist?
16 Aug 2009

I am looking for a software that would effectively allow us to select a listing and then assign related listings to it to show as 'related products'?

I am not refering to the cross selling that eBay offers more of a listing template issue.

If you would look at this example:

You can see that they have a 'complete the look' section and this is what we are trying to achieve on our listings:

We would ideally like somekind of desktop software but would accept anything if it was available.

Many Thanks
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Re: Related Products Software? Does This Exist?
24 Aug 2009
The example you give is a Frooition template, and I agree that it works very well for that seller's products.

Software will be helpful when it comes to listing but I think you would want a good template designing first. There are a few choices, take a look here: eBay listing templates.

You would probably want a custom design service rather than off-the-shelf design, so companies like As Was, LaunchPad Auctions and Frooition.

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Re: Related Products Software? Does This Exist?
24 Aug 2009
I have looked at the listing and Andy is right, that is a Frooition Listing Design. These clients have an advanced knowledge of HTML / eBay design and have added to the specific 'description content' of their listing with a piece of custom HTML, that from Image click 'searches the active listings and shows the selected results.

I have been very impressed by this, and they get the credit for taking the time to create a great item description (on top of using the Frooition design) I believe it was coded manually - but I guess you know, for each product what, you could suggest as an up-sell.

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