Easy change price track other Ebay prices Software ????

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Easy change price track other Ebay prices Software ????
16 Aug 2009

I'm new to this website,

I'm after some software that will extract and list all my item in one chart.
show the price of the lowest selling price on eBay fixed price, using key words, that are the same as i'm selling.
i also want a way of updating my price quickly in one chart.
oh and works out the profit of these item if i put in the price i pay

is the anything that does part of this or anything does all of this.

Thankyou for any reply

caz x
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Re: Easy change price track other Ebay prices Software ????
24 Aug 2009
Hi caz,

I think you need two different things here (if I have understood you correctly):

  • Market research (statistics on the eBay marketplace overall by item or category)
  • Sales analysis (statistic on your own sales performance by item or category)

  • The leader in market research is Terapeak but there are other choices: eBay market research

    Sales analysis software does not have a very clear leader, but here are your choices: eBay sales analysis

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