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A review of Wonder Lister by kkaccents
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Hi Daniel
3 May 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? It 'looks' easy

Could anything have been better? the Manuel could be alot better. at least 6 questions/problems I tried to research in the Help guide, and none of the topics were covered. the System Message for errors is very confusing and totally not clear. what IS a 'leaf category' that appears in an error message? I've requested help at least 4x today with no response.

How was the support?k, yes, I'm new at this. I used TL for several years, but only for basic buy/sell. Your customer service techs have very little patience with newcomers and non-tech savy folks. what answers I have received left me with more questions which I now must wait more than 24 hrs. to have answered. do you have a U.S.A. phone number that I can call for help?
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