eBay Accounting, Listing, message Services

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eBay Accounting, Listing, message Services
18 Aug 2009
Lots of questions about accounting and listing services for eBay. I use Auctiontracking.com and SellerSourcebook.com. both work great and never seem to be talked about (no one has any issues with them - they work great) - save me hours and hours per week for sure. I now also can finaly sell on consignement without endless hours of paper work. not sure why any powerseller would use anything else.

that said, i need a message service to keep track of all questions/contacts generatred by my wifes eBay sales. any suggestions. i dont want all in one, prefer to keep using best in bread for each specific task. any suggestions?
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Re: eBay Accounting, Listing, message Services
24 Aug 2009
Hi Mark,

Do you want to track this info for customer support or marketing purposes?

If it's customer support, take a look at these eBay customer support solutions.

I would check out ezSupport for eBay first, they are currently offering the standard system for free to the next 500 signups. It tracks questions and can provide automatic answers from a knowledgebase that you build up.

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