Amazon Automated Pricing

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Amazon Automated Pricing
9 May 2019
Hi. Amazon is apparently now offering a free automated pricing tool. Has anyone used this? It would save me quite a bit each month to use it. I don't know how long this has been offered but today was the first I saw anything of it.
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Re: Amazon Automated Pricing
13 May 2019
Amazon's own repricing tool has been around for a year or two now. It's useful for small sellers but bigger sellers have found that it doesn't have the features they need, encourages a race to the bottom and there's no support.

Really it depends on your budget and what features you need but most top sellers are reluctant to share their pricing info with a potential competitor (Amazon itself). A good repricer should pay for itself in terms of time saved and increased sales and profits.
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Re: Amazon Automated Pricing
14 May 2019
Simply a race to the bottom!

Personally I would avoid at all costs

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