Thumbs up! Easy to use, pretty fast, and customizable

A review of AMZ PIRANHA by Mehmet Kken
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Mehmet Kken
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Thumbs up! Easy to use, pretty fast, and customizable
14 May 2019
I have tens of price lists from my wholesale suppliers and book sellers. Before AMZ PIRANHA it used to take several days to analyze them and decide what to buy.

Since I'm in Germany, it's hard to find an Amazon software which supports European markets by default. A friend of mine suggested it and I tried it two weeks before subscribing.

Now, it takes only a few minutes to process thousands of products. It gives me all the information and I can customize the output as I want.

Even better, all these information are grouped by different colors/styles which makes easy to understand everything.

Last but not least, I always get a response in a few hours to my questions and requests. I had a small problem here due to different formatting. They solved it in just a few hours and updated the application.

Only missing thing to me is VAT calculations which is an important detail for European markets but they told me that they were working on it and it will be ready in the upcoming days.
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Re: Thumbs up! Easy to use, pretty fast, and customizable
22 May 2019
Dear Mehmet,

Thanks for your great feedback. We're glad to hear that you're happy with our product.

Yes, as you said in your comments we've already added VAT columns for European customers and now we're testing them thoroughly. In a few days, we'll publish it and inform our users.

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