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A review of Payability by Kirstin Reeder EA
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Steer clear
14 May 2019
I'm an accounting professional, and my client uses Payability with her Amazon account. It's my job to reconcile her accounts. Any account of hers that touches Payability is a disaster because they either short her money, change numbers on reports, or SOMETHING. When she asks them about it, it takes days for them to figure out what happened...IF they can figure it out. Once they never could...she was just supposed to accept their numbers. I have found countless ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION errors on the reports they generate. And the way the reports are put together, importing a CSV file into her accounting system is impossible.

I am CONVINCED that one of the ways they make their money is by their shoddy reporting...everything is so convoluted and complicated that errors are easy to miss. Of course they are always errors in Payability's favor.

DO NOT do business with this company!
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