Software for Managing Stock and Image Hosting

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Software for Managing Stock and Image Hosting
25 Aug 2009

As a newbie to, I'm looking for advice on what software to consider for the following primary tasks:

1. Image Hosting and Editing - As the eBay charges are quite substantial
2. Stock Control

Optional Extras
1. Ability to send automated emails about product dispatch or for Customer to leave feedback
2. Anything else along these lines
3. Video Hosting, if it is now available?

This should be for the Website

Many Thanks and I look forward to your responses
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Re: Software for Managing Stock and Image Hosting
14 Sep 2009
Hi Yamstore,

A lot depends on your budget. If you are looking for something low-cost take a look at AuctionSound (web based), AuctionSage, eBay Blackthorne or SpoonFeeder (desktop software).

If you budget is larger you could look at MarketplaceAdvisor Premium and eSellerPro.

But before you jump in make sure you check out eBay's own (free) Selling Manager, if you haven't already.
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Re: Software for Managing Stock and Image Hosting
22 Oct 2009
PhotoBucket is what i use for image and video hosting. its free as well and if you want to sign up for their pro version it is quite cheap!

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