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Re: Auction Splash
7 Feb 2010
I will do this for you as I will demo your product again so and tell you how it goes when I get a chance
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Re: Auction Splash
7 Feb 2010
First of all got all to load up and one listing on eBay

Other than loading and set up which takes awhile communicating from ebay got 1 glitch. No real issues setting up as just got to be patient and let it do its thing.

Had a glitch when looking for my pictures as told my computer to allow it to correct itself when it timed out and it eventually did correct itself as I choosed to run 32 bit windows vista ultimate. As I did 64 bit but most programs I had don't work well or if at all so that is why 32 bit.

Now the issues and compliments. Compliments is templates look bad until you see large size then some surpisingly looked good for my product and description.

I think mostly integration issue as was surpised store category worked but found that you can't list beyond 30 days and permanent selection which means auctions will expire and no automatic mode which is a bummer.

My shipping for International didn't get integrated to ebay at all and no options for shipping profiles for shipping promo and such.

Plus my return policy and checkout instructions made it to the listing page but not to ebay.

Plus integrated past 30 days sales automatically but wouldn't let me do 90 since it has a option.

I think that sums that part up but am wondering the reasons why the developer stopped short of much needed options and shipping integration as I did calculated which I did'nt try flat rate but I think that most likely works.

It is funny that Supreme Auction has same issues of integration too but auction splash does take it further if it works.

If you list off and on and have time to go back and correct every listing via ebay edit then this program is ok. But for me it would need these issues fixed when I am running over 500 auctions at one time.

Fair and Balanced Facts

Overal Rating 6 out of 10

Auctiva 7 out of 10

inkFrog 8 out of 10

Vendio 6 out of 10 ebay side but overal 7 out of ten if you can figure it out

AuctionSound 7 out of 10

Channel Advisor ebay side 6 out of 10 but overall 8 out of ten if you can figure it out.

eharbors 6 out of ten but overall 8 if they got that program updated

Blacksthorne 7 out of ten again program is outdate and could be a 9 if updated.

Selling Manager pro 6 out of ten as listing on ebay is slow

AuctionLinc 7 out of ten as could be higher if developer was serious as nice and simple layout but needs some finishing touches

Solid commece 7 out of ten as is expensive $100.00 setup to do 15 minutes of work

Supreme auction 7 out of ten but expensive if you want bells and whisitle plus needs a manager side to it for inventory and pictures

auction listing creator 6 out of ten as if you get it to work its nice

Auction Tamer 5 out of 10 but the fastest lister I have ever seen but nothing else comes with it.

pagemage 6 out of 10 as nicest templates ever seen but no listing to store and very time consuming but nice.

Shopster 7 out of 10 as great concept but lacks listing details to ebay so not very good.

crystal commerce 8 out of 10 From Seattle , WA Great program but still needs some touching up as rivals the big boys eSellerPro, Kyozou etc.

Zoovy 7 out of 10 As could be nice but no upgrades and cheap looking store and ebay templates.

Pushauction 6 out of ten From china as great concept but slower server to us and don't really work for us here but lots of cool tools coming.

MerchantRun 7 out of ten Nice tempaltes but lsting is cumbersome and if you are a power seller could be expensive. But nice program for everday seller.

1+1 Hosting ebay 3 out of 10 as dont't work at all as tried 1 month ago

corecommerce 6 out of ten list off of website and thats it but not have all options required so still got to correct template and revise on ebay after listing.

auctionhawk 6 out of 10 As another program with potenential but needs new templates and site upgrades.

myibay 4 out of 10 as dont waste your time.

Plus 50 more i tried
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Re: Auction Splash
27 Feb 2010
can anyone explain to me what auction splash is it sounds interesting i want to try it Cheeky_angel(0_o)

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