eBay Selling is Alive and Well

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eBay Selling is Alive and Well
3 Nov 2009
I hope someone out here is reading this because I am here to testify that eBay selling is alive and well and I am in good profit every month for the last 10 months..in fact, now because of what I learned I am a top seller.

I've been doing eBay since it first started and at times had found a niche but nothing like finding the Wonder Widget. I did not discover this on my own, although I tried for years searching every nook and cranny and under every rock to find something to sell with repeat sales, good conversion, that is cheap enough at times to double or triple what I paid for it.

I met a remarkable man who created a system that anyone in the U.S. can use to make money on eBay...many people are making online profits for the first time. I am one of his top students and if you still have hopes of making a living on eBay, you need to check this out because it works for everyone and FAST...it is awesome! Once I had the system, I placed a free ad that was answered by someone at 3am, made my purchase for a small amount of money the next day and had 3 sales on eBay with Big Profits within 48 hours!

...if there is any interest I will tell you more about it.

it's not too late to make a good living on eBay despite their fees...this is a consistent winner.
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Re: eBay Selling is Alive and Well
10 Nov 2009
I agree. I have been a powerseller for over a year and its still going well. I started a blog for new people who want to start to sell its here. Lots of tips too
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Re: eBay Selling is Alive and Well
10 Mar 2010
It's great to hear positive stories and successful sellers. Thanks for sharing the good vibes.
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Re: eBay Selling is Alive and Well
20 Mar 2010
OK Rachel,

Since this is not where you advertise, what are you selling? Or are you now a millionaire since you one post last November?

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