7 Deadliest eBay Sins

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7 Deadliest eBay Sins
12 Dec 2009
I call it 7 Deadliest eBay Sins because if you do any of these, you will find it hard be a top notch eBay seller. And since I call them sins, they are the DONT's of eBay selling...

1. Entering Unresearched Market – do not enter a market that is unresearched, you would want to check the market first to see weather the product is actually what consumers want, willing to spend money on and actively buying right now
2. Unprofitable Product Partnership - do not just jump aboard without ever qualifying that company to see if creating a partnership with them will actually be profitable. You would want to look for a company that provides you with tools like excellent customer service, real time tracking, real time inventory, quality pictures, professional descriptions, etc...etc…
3. Underspying the competition – invest quality time to spy in your competition to see how they play the game. do not spy your competition just because you want to copy everything
4. Wasting keyword real estate – do not waste your title box space with any words but use it with keywords that your market is pre-dominantly used when searching for your products. Title box is the gate that opens to enormous traffic. Building traffic is really important because when you dominate the traffic, you own the industry. (important: research your market first then research for the right keywords)
5. Wimpy Auction Pages – do not give away the chance to grab a sale just because your store is not professionally designed or product is not well described. Remember, your auction page is your best salesman 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
6. Invisible Customer Service – try to reach out, do not practice business just because of profit but also building relationship by providing, promoting world class customer service that will earn your customer’s trust that leads to repeat sales and referrals
7. Undercut Price Game – do not under cut the competitor’s price because you are giving away your potential profits. You can still make more money selling the same product at a higher price than your competition by packaging your offer. Remember, visitors are buying an overall performance from you and not just the product alone.

If you think you have committed any of the sins above, perhaps you can post it here and let's see which sin is commonly practiced by eBay sellers.

If you want to know more of the eBay sins, you can check it HERE. It's free!

Looking forward to your posts.

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