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Re: Help Please - Listing Software
17 Jun 2010

webbie12 wrote:

It is a website I found off of an eBay listing back when I was trying to find a new site to create templates. So I just clicked on the link at the bottom of their listing, I have it saved as a favorite now, so not sure about using google to find it. Oh, and I use it because it is completely free which you don't find much around anymore that are.
You posted about this before. The URL is

Are you advertising this site? All the posts you have made on ASR promote it.
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Re: Help Please - Listing Software
17 Jun 2010
no, I just thought I'd try to help someone out that is looking for free software. I use it because it is free. It is the first site I found after Auctiva started charging and I looked on eBay. I've checked out other ones listed, but most start charging after a certain number and with all the fees ebay and paypal charge it just isn't worth it.
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Re: Help Please - Listing Software
18 Jun 2010
Hi JacobJacob,

The site is up for over a year now. We are ramping up slowly and are seeing a decent interest both about our feature set and ease of use. I don't want to disclose numbers publicly but you can always get in touch with me privately to get more info about our subscriber base etc.

Also, we are updating our product on a monthly basis and there are pretty good upcoming features in the pipeline.


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