Automated listing / templates?

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Automated listing / templates?
13 Sep 2004
I am looking for automated listing (scheduled listing on a regular basis - such as 'list this auction everyday at this time for three years).

That is the main thing I am looking for, and would like this as cheap as possible.

Also, I would love to have features change (highlight/features plus!/ etc.) based on previous performance, and I would like to reference templates inside of templates, meaning that I can fill a template from different files.

Since I have 100+ auctions I am always editing, this way I could change a few files that they all use then they list, and the next time they list, it would reflect the changes. For instance I have a long block of text/html code that is in almost every file. So I would reference that file and just make one change. Then the next time any auction listed that used that file, It would reflect the changes so I wouldn't have to change 40 different templates by hand to change one word.

I hope that makes sense.
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Re: Automated listing / templates?
13 Sep 2004
You will find that many of the Auction Management vendors offer scheduled/automated listing.

The sophisticated template features will be harder to find, you can certainly do that in an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver using library items and templates but that is expensive and would not list to eBay without another program. I think you are most likely to find this feature in a desktop program rather than an online service - try searching/asking on the discussion boards of AuctionSage, The Poster Toaster, and Auction Wizard 2000 for more information about their template features. You will need to register (free) with these boards to post questions.
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