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Customer Order Picking System
27 Jan 2010
IHS Software's "ReadyToShip:" customer order picking system will help you improve your picking accuracy and speed.

ReadyToShip is ideal for companies:
• That do manual picking
• That pick 150 or more orders per day
• That pick 750 or more lines per day
• That need increased picking speed and accuracy
• That use 2 or more pickers

• RTS improves both picking speed and accuracy
• RTS is field proven being used to pick books, toner cartridges, craft supplies and other items.
• RTS is reasonably priced to provide a quick ROI; the cost is much less than pick to light or voice directed; and just as effective
• RTS is easy to integrate in almost any environment
• RTS does not require you to change your other procedures; it focuses on picking and installs seamlessly
• RTS is easy to learn; pickers can be productive in a matter of minutes. That is very important for new hires, temps and part time pickers
• RTS is flexible; you can pick a single order or multiple orders during each pick session.
• RTS eliminates post picking sort and verification steps; your picker gets them right while picking.

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