Paypal Integration and Customer Managment

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Paypal Integration and Customer Managment
6 Feb 2010
I've been looking over these forums and am having no luck finding the type of software I want.

I want an auction management software that has a paypal integrated ledger and a robust customer management system in addition to those common features we've come to expect.

I want to be able to send emails to customers based on the type of item purchased. I want to be notified automatically when someone is a repeat buyer because we usually throw in a little extra for them. These shouldn't be hard features to implement.

I also want an accounting program that integrates paypal and eBay with the ability to create custom reports. I liked until I accidentally deleted a paypal transaction and had no way to re-sync outright with paypal.

Why can't anyone just create a user friendly solution? I'd be happy to pay if such a service actually existed.

Any ideas?
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Re: Paypal Integration and Customer Managment
6 Feb 2010
Hi carraig, if you want CRM, accounting and auction management in one solution then look towards high-end products like MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Infopia, Kyozou and Zoovy.

There isn't (as far as I know) a really great standalone CRM and email marketing system for eBay sellers. They tend to cover just customer support or just email marketing. The closest to your needs might be Sales in a Click - eBay Edition or MyStoreRewards.

Unfortunately accounting is another area where there is not a lot of products specifically for eBay sellers. For US sellers there is and, as you mentioned, Outright. The UK has a good solution in Tradebox Finance Manager.

I hope that is of some help.
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Re: Paypal Integration and Customer Managment
8 Feb 2010
eseller pro has sage intergration and works with paypal, so it automatically ties up paypal transactions to orders. same goes for card payments.

it has eBay messages automatically intergrated, you can quickly see all ur unresponded questions and see a history of questions with a buyer.

on the sales order part of the system, you can see all previous order from a click of a buttom

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