Integrate eBay and web site management?

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Integrate eBay and web site management?
13 Sep 2004
I have sold on eBay for several years, but am trying to re-organize and go full force!

I have been using ChannelAdvisor since they were free (and called Rover) and they have now lost their minds and raised fees, including a new thing that really got to me... any auction over 500 that closes in a month, you have to pay a $0.10 fee, no matter if it closes with a sale or not! We have over tens of thousands of items to 500 a month is not reasonable to us, neither is the $0.10 for any closing auction after that. They also started "housekeeping" themselves too by deleting any ad that doesn't get used for so many months and stuff like that.

What I'm looking for is a service (online or a program) that will allow me to maintain my inventory, ads, emails, invoices... all for both eBay business AND my web site. Is this possible? Does something that will do it all exist?? Any suggestions?
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Re: Integrate eBay and web site management?
13 Sep 2004
Because you want something to manage sales through a web site as well as eBay it cuts down your choices.

Some online services have their own "stores" offerings but this could mean you have to recreate your web site within their system. Take a look at Marketworks, Commerce Manager, Make-a-Store eBay Account Manager, Vendio Sales Manager Pro

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Re: Integrate eBay and web site management?
12 Nov 2004
Users of osCommerce based websites can use AuctionBlox ( to integrate both their online sales and eBay sales.

It also lets you design templates for your auction listings and then just pull the data from your website for item descriptions etc, save having to retype the same text again.

When listing an item from your website through AuctionBlox, you map the listing to a product and then when the auction ends with a winner, its just a matter of the purchaser entering their email address, and the item is automatically put into their shopping cart for them. It cannot be removed. Although store items can be added and cross-selling is a major bonus.

If the winner does not want to complete your checkout, you can do it for them from your admin, thus generating the sale and keeping your stock levels current etc.

Obviously you need to have an oscommerce based website, but I think its worth getting one just for this package alone.

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