looking for a automated feedback for ebay

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looking for a automated feedback for ebay
24 Feb 2010
hi i am looking for a a program or a website that provides automated feedback on eBay. i was using auction pixie for over a year and it was great but for the last week i have been recieving feedback and auction pixie has not been returning it to my buyers i have contacted them with no response. are there any other options out there hopefully free thanks
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Re: looking for a automated feedback for ebay
24 Feb 2010
Automated feedback is often included with auction management software, but if you want a standalone tool an option is Merlin InstantFeedback at $19.99 with a 15-day trial.

Before giving up on AuctionPixie you might want to contact them for help.
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Re: looking for a automated feedback for ebay
26 Feb 2010
Selling Manager pro does it too through eBay!
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Re: looking for a automated feedback for ebay
29 Mar 2010
Hello, curling. I have the same problem as you, with AuctionPixie no longer leaving auto-feedback. I have replaced AuctionPixie with Auctiva. They offer a free account that has auto-feedback service.

I have looked through the AuctionPixie site for a way to cancel my account but have not found a way. This concerns me as Auction-Pixie has access to my eBay account. I went into my ebay account and removed Auctionpixie from my "Third Party Authorizations". I can tell you how to go into ebay and remove Auctionpixie so they are no longer connected to your ebay account.

Go to "MY EBAY", Hover over the "Account" tab, select "Marketing Tools", on the left side bar, look for the "Related Links" tab, under this, select "My Ebay Preferences", Look for "General Preferences" tab, under this find "Third Party Authorizations", to the right of this select "Show", find "AuctionPixie.co.uk", select the "Revoke this authorization" box in the same row.

I hope this helps

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