Looking for an alternative to Blackthorne Pro

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Looking for an alternative to Blackthorne Pro
4 Mar 2010
I am currently using Blacthorne pro, and I love have the multiple ad templates that I can use in Blacthorne Pro, and this is the only reason I use Pro instead of Basic. I really do not need any of the other advance features of Pro.

Are there any alternatives that have the same type of listing templates as Blackthorne at a lower monthly cost? The items I sell are T-shirts, and every listing is the same other than the title, and photo, so the Blacthorne template is great as it allows me to quickly and easily revise all of my listings that us the ad template I have setup for my t-shirt sales. Thanks.
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Re: Looking for an alternative to Blackthorne Pro
8 Mar 2010
If you are not using the advanced features of Blackthorne but want to use cool templates I would take a look at inkFrog. They have hundreds of options of listing templates as well as basic ability to track inventory. They are also inexpensive. They have a 30 day free trial too. I tried them out for awhile. They were easy to use and there service (email only) is decent.

Due to the volume we do, they just couldn't handle all the options we needed, especially around inventory handling (we are writing our inventory handler) so we are using Blackthorne Pro for now. But, from the limited information in your post I believe Inkfrog would work well for you. Best of luck, Jax Music Supply
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Re: Looking for an alternative to Blackthorne Pro
8 Mar 2010
Look at www.robshelp.com/. I love it because I have control of my templates and no one else looks like mine and I am not advertising for their service. Also, it is very reasonable. Rob is only asking for donations. It looks a little intimidated, but use one of samples and experiment with it little bit. That is how I finally learned. After I got the hang of using the tool, the only limitation is my imagination..

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