eBay listing templates

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eBay listing templates
8 Mar 2010
Any one now a way to create eBay listing templates? We want to create our own templates but do not see any instructions on how to go about doing this. We have staff well versed in html and various programming languages. Thanks in advance for any advise.
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Re: eBay listing templates
8 Mar 2010
Oh yes I do!!!!!!! I found this very flexable template builder and all Rob is asking for a donation. Look at www.robshelp.com/. At first I thought it was very hard tool to use, but just pick a sample and experment with it. That helped me. You can even use this tool for anything HTML related; your web site, about us page etc.
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Re: eBay listing templates
15 Mar 2010
Hi Jax,

I'm not clear on what you want to do here.

Do you want to create a template to use in an auction management system or create a reusable listing design for use directly with eBay?
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Re: eBay listing templates
15 Jun 2010
I user one at www.auctionlistingresource.com. It allows you to put in your own html code, or you can use the simple template as well.

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