Alternative to Turbo Lister

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Alternative to Turbo Lister
30 Mar 2010

I am trying to find an alternative to Turbo Lister 2. I have been using it for sometime but every so often it will corrupt the user file and back up file when backing up the listings (not very helpful).

It has done it again today and means that I have lost approx 1 months work which isn't too bad but still annoying causes alot of work.

I have approx 2000 listings, my own HTML for a very simple template and I host all my own images.

What do other people use as a relaible alternative?? I will need to be able to upload my listings from the TL2 Backup file or maybe a .CSV export once I get TL back up and running. SpoonFeeder is no longer available so I wonder what else is out there free or not.

Thanks for any help

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Re: Alternative to Turbo Lister
9 Apr 2010
I'm in the same boat. I just want something that works, Turbo Lister has turned on us.

My wife has used Auction Wizard 2000 before. She liked it but it was the original version and I'm wondering if its been updated for the new EVILbay rules.

Any takers we could use your knowledge.
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Re: Alternative to Turbo Lister
19 Apr 2010
BayLister can import from Turbo Lister and many other programs have a CSV import.

If it's a desktop program you want low-cost options include Auction Wizard 2000, AuctionSage, AuctionSplash (free) and eBay's own Blackthorne.
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