Price Hike from Hell! Despicable treatment of "loyal" custom

A review of Linnworks by ddee
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Price Hike from Hell! Despicable treatment of "loyal" custom
22 May 2019
Absolute shocking price increase, totally unjustified. The CEO's message regarding affordable and scalable pricing is total utter nonsense, a right kick in the teeth - comes across very condescending. Does not make any business sense either. It seems he has been called upon to clean Linn systems of its mass users they think - who are no longer viable for their business model.

The fat cats in the corporate organisation just wish to look after their own without a care and worry for the numerous small-medium businesses who rely heavily on Linnworks. Jumping on this bandwagon of charging customers on an order-count-basis is farcical as far as Linnworks - integration and inventory management is concerned. They just want to cream off everybody else's hard work and wanting a piece of the pie. Just so that they can rub shoulders with some of the other exploiting channel integration software's out there.

The software works and operates as it should on a daily basis, to now go and take advantage of those who rely heavily on its services is not only unjust but a plain old money grabbing greed driven move. Dress it up however you like - Callum Campbell, this is unacceptable and will cost you heavily in the long run. Watch as all your "loyal" customers quickly look for an alternative, we think this was part of your plan to get rid of some numbers and lighten the load on your resources and management (certainly doing the trick).

What is also becoming more increasingly frustrating is the communication from Linnworks, they seem to have pressed the mute button, cowering behind a sofa somewhere or sniggering at their screens with the uproar they have created. If they were looking for a reaction then they have surely got one now! We were reluctant at their first price hike, now this one has just thrown us right off the edge and forced us into shopping around.

We recommended a number of other businesses to Linnworks, some more recently too, feel for them. No doubt they will be just as annoyed as us.

Oh the joy of finding a new management software, training, integration and seamlessly transferring over...what can possibly go wrong!

Sickening to the core.
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