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Linnworks Listened
22 May 2019
Linnworks has listened to their existing customers and revoked pricing changes.

The system is good for the price we pay and we are happy to commit for another year.

Sanity restored.

Experience after 1 year with Linnworks:


- Support a lot of marketplace integrations, an extensive list you won't find anywhere else.
- The system does good inventory control for amazon, eBay, Shopify.
- Direct integration with our Royal Mail account - never had problems assigning labels and generating end of day report.
- Listing tools are being developed. We currently only use it for ebay - works with every ebay globally. Takes quite a lot to learn and adapt.


- Reporting is weak - they have a set of export options, but that does not satisfy our requirements. If you want a specialised report, you need to ask and pay for implementation.
- No .csv file support for Manufacturer's Orders.
- Automatic Email functionality is limited
- No projection tools for sales/inventory/FBA replenishment

They have a lot of things to work on, but for the price and keeping all orders in one place it is a great tool!

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