Shambles of a company!

A review of Linnworks by Haider Ali
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Shambles of a company!
23 May 2019
To all those looking at using Linnworks, I warn you that they’ve just had a big announcement that they’ve changed the pricing structure. They very connivingly described it that most users would either remain at the same rate or even see a decrease! I’ve never heard so much Bulls*** in my life. We’re seeing an increase from £3500 upto around £20000. If you go onto their forums I haven’t seen a single person yet say how they’ve decreased or stayed the same. All have seen an increase. The minimum rate has gone up so this will hit the smaller sellers. And they’ve put a price per order on their pricing model. Where on earth did they get that idea from? 12p per order?!!! If you’re in a high volume low margin business, this has potentially put you out of business unless you change softwares. Oh yeh and about that, this news of a price change has come all of a sudden. Any other company would’ve probably told you around 12 months in advance for you to get all your ducks in a row and make any changes if you were planning on moving. Not with Linnworks, apparently we’ve got around 3 months to find a new software, get trained up on it, move ALL OF OUR DATA, tons and tons of it, make sure its gone across seamlessly and then start using it. Not exactly a piece of cake. We’ve now got to lay off staff, and also rehire others who are familiar with other softwares. We’re as we speak looking for alternatives who don’t rob their most loyal customers. Such a shame!
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