Need Help Validating Business Idea

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Need Help Validating Business Idea
24 May 2019
I'm in the process of creating a startup, with that comes developing a business model and customer development and making sure there is a product market fit.

With that said, I'm looking for volunteers to meet with me via Skype for about 10 minutes to give me feedback on the likely hood my product would be a fit for the online retail space.

I also want to stress that I'm not selling anything and just need help to validate my business idea.

The overall goal of the product will be using A.I with Machine Learning to help retailers create an engaging experience on their site which in turn helps with product discovery and reduce bounce rate and increase shopper engagement.

If you're interested please send me a private message.

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Re: Need Help Validating Business Idea
3 Jun 2019
In my humble opinion, if you ask this question in active Facebook groups which has thousands of members and has tens of daily posts it would be better for you.

If you also offer a small gift like a small gadget or $10 gift card for their participation, I believe you can find tens of volunteers for 10 minutes.
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Re: Need Help Validating Business Idea
7 Jun 2019
I think any product or service that can aid a customers shopping experience plus increasing revenue for e-commerce businesses are capable of generating business.

If you are able to generate some hypothesis on your idea, and remember to ensure that there are many platforms out there so be sure to be a universal product or single platform e.g. Shopify etc.

Generating a workflow and use case would be excellent and can help generate interest from potential customers.

MVPs are tough if it takes a lot of development work, so keep that in mind.

There are many different SaaS categories out there now, for all different types of things. See if anyone else is in the space you can have some idea of the success, or look to generate ideas on your differentiation.

From there you can see how you stand against your competitors (if any).

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