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27 May 2019
I am very busy trying to grow our business, the little bit of time I have left I spend with my children, I do not have time for fluff. I needed a repricer I could trust, I needed a repicer I did not have to babysit most importantly a reprices that WORKS. We are very thankful to have found seller snap. Trust me I have tried my share of repricers (almost all of them). With Seller Snap set up was very easy and to the point. The onboarding process was hassle free I received 1 on 1 support and was able to get all details configured. Whenever I needed to fine-tune settings support was just an e-mail/phone call away.

Simple yet POWERFUL! I am selling products at higher margins. Yes, no more drop a penny repricing! I leave the repricing to SellerSnap and can finally focus on my family and growing our business.

How was the support?

The support I have received from Seller Snap has been AMAZING professional, first class service. Their Head of Customer Success Lucy is beyond amazing she is very knowledgeable and always answers all of my questions in a very timely manner! Could not be happier with their support. Truly! Awesome Team!

In conclusion, I really hope Seller Snap continues to grow and hopefully no matter how big they become will continue to provide excellent service to their customers. Give Seller Snap a try, and watch your margins grow! I recommend Seller Snap 100%
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