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A review of Jazva by Trampoline Pro
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Not recommended in current state
29 May 2019
Not recommended in current state

We’ve been with Jazva since October of 2018. We started using them because they advertised having a few key features that we could only find with a few other ecommerce software services.

Some of my complaints detailed below have only recently begun. It seems like maybe an update around late March or early April is causing these issues, since they did not happen from October thru February. As of 5/29/19 none of these new errors has been fixed despite multiple requests. I will update this review if a new update fixes any of the errors.

Pricing: For the 5000 orders per month package we pay under $2000 per month, which is fairly competitive for the features offered. The startup fee was $4000 which was a pretty big hurdle, but they did let us split it up. That being said, the $4000 was supposed to cover importing our SKUs and training on the software. Our SKUs did import, but training was woefully inadequate. Our “Onboarding Specialist” missed multiple scheduled meetings, and was incredibly unprofessional. The training he provided was the barest possible minimum, and I’ve since had to spend dozens of hours learning 90% of Jazva for myself.

The Good: Jazva has a few things going for it, that we really like.
• Rate shops the cheapest shipping option between UPS, FedEx, and USPS
• Integrates with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (but errors out frequently, detailed below)
• Allows multiple different SKUs to be grouped together under 1 master SKU
• Kitting and inventory tracking work well
• Location based order fulfillment for 2 or more warehouses works perfect. It correctly chooses the closest warehouse to the customer, and subtracts inventory correctly.
• Handles orders between multiple channels (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc)
• Warehouse system allows multiple companies and/or warehouses to be somewhat independent
• System user restrictions are nice for limiting access for employees or contractors

The Bad: These are things that are inconvenient, but we can live with them.
Reporting is next to impossible to navigate. If you want to download and excel spreadsheet of your monthly sales based on sales channel, or date, or any other metric, you’ll need a Jazva employee to build the report for you. It’s taken me hours of experimenting to understand the basics of their reporting system, and it truly is a nightmare. Even their own employees struggle with it.
QuickBooks integration is still very sparse, and does not work as expected. It took us months of back and forth with Jazva to fix a few problems. We’re still having issues with several QB related items, and Jazva has stopped responding to these requests.
Jazva’s servers are pretty slow. Searches, creating batches, requesting labels, etc. all take a second or two longer than you’d expect. This isn’t terrible, until you’re trying to fix major errors (detailed below), and those few seconds really start to add up.

The Ugly: These are the errors that will drive you crazy, and make you not want to use Jazva
When printing a batch of orders Jazva will skip printing orders at random. If you’re only printing a few labels at a time it’s easy to catch, but when you’re printing 250 orders in a batch you have to do a count for every single batch. It’s incredibly time consuming, and there’s no way to selectively re-print multiple orders. You have to do it one order at a time. This has most definitely gotten us bad feedback, and 1-star reviews on Amazon.
• When requesting Seller Fulfilled Prime labels from Amazon, Jazva sometimes does not retrieve the tracking number from Amazon. This errors out the entire batch, and you can’t print any labels after that error. You either have to wait for a Jazva Developer to manually reset your batch (usually several hours), or you print them directly from Amazon Seller Central.

Hit word limit, but other issues exist.
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