Where can I get a decent Bookkeeper/Consultant

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Where can I get a decent Bookkeeper/Consultant
8 Apr 2010
Hi Everyone

We have been running a business on eBay. Sometimes we ship direct ourselves and sometimes we use the suppliers to send direct to the customers from stock we own on their premises.

This works quite well but the bookkeeping is a nightmare with a separate supplier invoice (between 8 to 50 per day) for each item sold.

The majority of bookkeeping consultants are "willing to give it a go" which means they will learn a new trick on our time. This usually involves them using either Sage 50 or Quickbooks and trying to shoehorn a dropshipping business into one the standard business models that come with these packages. The last two bookkeeping consultants had very little idea of how a dropshipping business works. Add to that the workings of Ebay and PayPal...Well, we have taught them more than they taught us

What I would like to have is a bookkeeper/consultants with demonstrable skills who has experience of this kind of business, and eBay, PayPal and Websites. It has to be done on a daily basis or it gets completely out of hand.

For what it's worth IMHO the bookkeeper can make or break this kind of business and I cannot be the first one who has come up against this problem.

Grateful for any help or suggestions


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Re: Where can I get a decent Bookkeeper/Consultant
27 Apr 2010
Good question!

I can't recommend one personally but did come across the following eBay specialist accountants:


It sounds to me like a software solution might help. Perhaps some custom-development around something like Tradebox Finance Manager?
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Re: Where can I get a decent Bookkeeper/Consultant
27 Apr 2010
It sounds like the biggest problem is data entry. In my opinion, you have several options.

1. Hire somebody to do daily bookeeping and data entry employee. Adding employees comes with its own costs in the US and I assume they are the same or worse in the UK.

2. Hire an external service for data entry. There are people that do this as temps or 1099 employees in the US that is less expensive. You would need to provide some type of access to your accounting system.l

3. Ask your wholesalers to provide a data feed for your invoices. They may be able to batch them into 1 feed every day. This will allow for better automation.

These are probably your best bets. We do not do much drop ship so our total invoices are only about 50 per month and our sales invoices are loaded using automation so it isn't as much of a beast for us. We did find that eBay's Accounting Assistant is horrible. We ended up using macros to import our sales information from eBay, Amazon, website, etc., into quick books.

Best of luck.

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Re: Where can I get a decent Bookkeeper/Consultant
18 Feb 2015
QuickBooks and Intuit provide an awesome way to search a QuickBooks expert near you. You just enter your Zip code and it will show details of accountants/consultants with QuickBooks certificate.

Here's the link: Find Your Local QuickBooks Expert
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