Highly Recommend This Company. They Care.

A review of Direct Liquidation by Leigh Clayborne
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Highly Recommend This Company. They Care.
7 Jun 2019
UPDATE: They resolve all issues promptly This company listens & is constantly making enhancements to improve the buying process. They go above and beyond to make sure customers are happy and feel validated. I would highly recommend this company.

What was good about this product or service overall?
I've completed 6 transactions with this company. This review is for lot 8789334
Product is great. Exactly what I expected. No problems there.
I also want to mention that this company reads reviews and applies feedback. Thank you for hearing us and always striving to provide excellent service.
Could anything have been better?
Here's where things get rough. In summary, from an outsider looking in, it looks like DL doesn't have a clear process for combining orders to ship together. This caused tremendous headaches, many contacts with customer service, significant added shipping cost (paid by DL not me) and it simply could have been better.
No Clear Combined Shipping Process Evident
You say you combine shipments, but the website doesn't have a way to combine shipments. It's all a manual process through customer service. And this manual process didn't work in this instance despite many contacts from me to verify that shipments were being combined.
What Happened
1) I purchased 3 lots within a ~week of each other from same warehouse. I contacted customer service via phone to ask how to combine orders. The agent informed me to pay for lots separately and they would be combined by the warehouse. Then I would be billed/refunded for any shipping differences. She stated that she sent an email to the warehouse regarding my request. I believe that she did.
2) I went to pay for the lots,. But I would have to choose "arrange my own shipping" on 2 of them because the shipping calculator said shipping was over $1000 each on 2 of the lots. I know from experience that shipping cost would be $200 total max once combined for freight shipping so I paid the shipping on the biggest of the 3 which was $150. I'm not okay with giving your company $2000 and then waiting for a refund. I'm so glad I didn't give you the money, because with what happens next I may never have gotten a refund.
3) I contacted customer service via chat several days later to confirm that they understood that the shipments should be shipped together. I also emailed a CS rep that I had been working with on a previous order to let her know about the combined shipment. They verified that the warehouse had received the email. I continued to receive emails telling me that I needed to arrange shipping but I trusted that they knew what they were doing.
4) DL ships one of the orders by itself and updates their website to say it shipped. I thought that it might be a mistake and that the others were shipped with it but had not updated on the site. It was only about 60 lb without the pallet. Pallet shipping didn't even make sense for such a small lot. I went through the pallet and verified that it was only 1 of the 3 orders.
5) I called CS CS reps are always helpful. She was confused because the system says that I'm arranging shipping. I let her know that I had no other options because of how the system is set up.
She opened a ticket, letting them know that they still had the other orders and that they need to ship together.
6) I get another shipment notification as well as a final email notice stating that if I don't pick up my last order it will be cancelled. The website again only shows one order shipped, so I contact customer service and they verify that again only 1 order shipped. The last one is still sitting at the warehouse as of my writing of this review.
So, Guys, not only did I waste time contacting CS over and over; you're losing money by shipping small lots 1 at a time via freight that would have fit on 1 pallet combined.

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