Don't waste your time. They are not ready for the workload.

A review of Deliverr by Jon Y
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Don't waste your time. They are not ready for the workload.
14 Jun 2019
Okay when they actually work. They have delayed shipments being sent out over Walmart causing our scorecard to have dings due to not shipping out on time or arriving late. This was reduced when confronted about it.

Now they shipped the wrong item and nearly two weeks later it's still not resolved. They jerk around when we have minimal inventory in their warehouse, provide all of the information necessary, and refuse to answer when it will be resolved.

They don't reduce shipping cost for multiple orders and one shipment (They take the money normally saved for you and charge you for it). They require a minimum quantity of 10 per SKU which adds up fast when needing to ship to multiple warehouses. For those shipments, a max quantity of 10 SKU's are allowed per shipment (If you could fit 21 skus in one box under 10 lbs, they need to be separated into 3 boxes). Their shipping label is similar to Amazon's FBA but instead of a QR code for the picklist, they just state the picklist on the shipping label. The format of the picklist can only fit 10 items hence this limit.

They have a lot of work ahead of them before I would consider recommending them as they are just not ready and it shows. One star simply due to the shipping speed (And that's mostly due to FedEx). Would have, otherwise, suggested 0.
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