does such a tool exist

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does such a tool exist
18 Apr 2010
Hi, newbie member from the UK here. Is there a tool that will perform the following for me?

1. search for newly listed BIN items listing in a specific category/sub category within a set price range and the filter by including or ommiting certain variables (e.g include words in title such as BNIB, Boxed, New, Mint)
2. look for auction items finishing within certain price range as above
3.Filter again by further perameters such as, ommit results with seller feedback lower than X
4. be able to snipe item, but only if certain (as yet not identified) criteria are met.
5. Repeat process until set target number of winning bids/buys have been placed?

If it doesn't exist yet... could you or would you use it?
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Re: does such a tool exist
19 Apr 2010
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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