quicksnipe problem

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quicksnipe problem
18 Apr 2010
I am no technical jock. I have used QuickSnipe (esteal) for years without a problem but today I registered a snipe bid that wasn't delivered by the quicksnipe site - and cannot now even access the site. Does anyone know:

i) If there is a problem with quicksnipe?
ii) Is there another and reliable free snipe site for eBay?

Thanks in anticipation of answers
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Re: quicksnipe problem
27 Apr 2010

mpo1946 wrote:

i) If there is a problem with QuickSnipe?
I don't know and tried to check the QuickSnipe forums at esteal.buildaforum.com but they're not working, so not a good sign!

mpo1946 wrote:

ii) Is there another and reliable free snipe site for eBay?
Gixen is free and I have always found it reliable. Other free snipers.
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Re: quicksnipe problem
17 May 2010
i) Sorry to bring this old topic, but I checked the QuickSnipe and it appears the developers dropped it completely.
For example, their forum (I'm not posting it as a hyperlink for a reason: quicksnipe.com/community/ ) is full of spam. Their older forum (hosted on buoldaforum.com) is no longer works.
So I would not trust them if I were you. They are definitely not looking out for their users.

ii) Andy gave a good answer here. Check out Free eBay snipers and find the one which is the best for you.

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