Listing and submission for an eBay Shop wanted

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Listing and submission for an eBay Shop wanted
19 Apr 2010

I have just listed manually 1300 listings on eBay (a mindbendingly boring experience) Each listing has my own HTML in the description which also pulls in a 500 x 500 image.

I have an Access 2007 Database with 3,300 more products for listing ready for ebay and would like to be able import these into some sort of listing program, but the only one I have tried is Turbo Lister which seems inadequate for what I'm trying to do. Each record on the database has the HTML already generated.

I am looking for a quicker way of listing and wondered if Blackthorne or Vendio might be the answer. I need the listings to go into an ebay shop with about 200 categories and sub categories

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Re: Listing and submission for an eBay Shop wanted
21 Apr 2010
Hi. You should be able to pull your data from access to a CSV file and import to TurboLister or Blackthorne, including your HTML tags.

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