Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Introduce yourself here: the sequel
26 Oct 2017
Our first introductions thread has become a little unwieldy at 21 pages, so here's a new one!

Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about.

To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. I deal with advertising, design, forum moderation, editing and more.

Happy to talk about anything to do with selling through online marketplaces.

PM me if you have a story to tell about your ecommerce business, or if you are a marketplaces expert and interested in writing an insightful and useful post for Web Retailer members.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
28 Oct 2017
Iam Basilia, I want to begin an ecomerce business, Iam looking information all about, one of the most important things I want to know is where to find suppliers, I would like to work with dropshipping too.

Hong Kong Hong Kong
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
30 Oct 2017
I am running a parcel tracking website. If your guys have any needs to track your packages, please enter my website:
Nice to know you all. Cheers!
Wenzhou China
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
31 Oct 2017
Hi, here
My name is Jack. I do international business ( Exporting mainly ).
Sometimes I act like a broker agent for small business owner or new starters to find good supplier in China and deal with order with factories.
If you would like to know more, please leave message here.
I'm a broker agent to help small business owners to find good products in China.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
7 Nov 2017

I'm part of a well resourced startup business that is creating an online service for e-commerce businesses who want to discover flexible, cost effective warehousing and fulfilment services.

We'd love to hear from anyone who is interested in this service, anyone who gets in touch will have the opportunity to shape how the service might work - as well as getting some insider deals

Thanks everyone

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
9 Nov 2017
Hey everyone!

I’m Oleg and I would like to introduce you to our product - email-marketing solution for online retailers who want to grow their business faster

In a couple of words - Triggmine allows you to do email marketing just like big guys do but requires minimum efforts on your part. All because our product is super smart

On 27th of November we’re launching our product (beta) and I’d like to invite you to try the latest technology in email marketing automation for ecommerce.

It`s completely FREE to join Triggmine`s beta and here`s why:

No email marketing skills needed - intuitive and smooth customer experience from start to set up.

Fully automated - just integrate to let the system receive and analyze the data from your store.

Only right discounts that work - just like a personal assistant Triggmine knows your customers' specifics and gives them the most relevant personal offers at the right moment.

Just follow the link to sign up:

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Clarity E-Commerce Translation
10 Nov 2017
Hi everyone,

My name's Chris and I am the Director of Clarity E-Commerce Translation.

We offer language services to online sellers, from listing translation, to PPC management to Overseas Customer Service Management. You can find out what we do on our website:

We work with a range of clients, including ChannelAdivisor's clients helping them expand internationally and manage their overseas business.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
10 Nov 2017
Hi, my name is Al. I've worked with 'private label' branding for local retailers in the Bay Area. I'd like to help sellers in the FBA Private Label space.

I hear that there's common problems with saturation, hijacking, counterfeits, getting suspended, bad reviews, Amazon response delays and slow traction in sales. A lot of this looks like prevention and the real need to differentiate in a saturated market with such a low barrier to entry.

BRANDING (Differentiate/Value)
Most branding advice given is to go to a crowdsource platform such as 99Designs or worse FIVERR. However, branding is such a crucial step. A Seller without the design and marketing background can falter on a wrong direction.

Would a mediator, say a creative director/lead designer as part of a priced package help?

With the goal to get the Seller Brand Registry and create a strong base for growth or re-enter the market more confidently.

In a nutshell, the branding package would cover...

• Product Naming, Logo (crowdsourced)
• Trademarks
• Package Design (crowdsourced)
• Pro website with eCommerce
• Listing Optimization
• High resolution, necessary product images
• Product 'key word rich' titles, descriptions

A seller would build their custom branding product on the website (Just like you would a car in a dealership site)... since there are different points of need.

I'd like to give a seller another step beyond DIY, but not quite hire an agency or freelancer. A systemized branding product, co-created with global creative community producing fresh designs.

Would something like this be useful? Any thoughts?
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
17 Nov 2017
Hi, here
My name is ace. I do international business ( international trading).
Sometimes I act like a broker agent for small business owner or new starters to find good supplier in China and deal with order with factories.
If you would like to know more, please leave message here.
New York United States
Union Progress
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
28 Nov 2017
Hi there!
My name is Gin, I work for outsourcing eCommerce company Union Progress

Our team helps sellers to grow on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many other marketplaces! Founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, we helped lots of companies to succeed in multi-channel retailing along with creating their own fashion brands.

We offer the following services:
  • Seller account management
  • Web-Design and Development
  • Multichannel Marketplace Integration
  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ecommerce Services Consulting

  • We're professional in working with partners: Magento, Skubana, SellerCloud, ChannelAdvisor, SolidCommerce

    As an outsourcing company, we are looking forward to provide you with the best eCommerce services possible! Please visit us at our website

    Don't hesitate to contact us, use the form at our website!
    Many Thanks.
    We Know how to sell online
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    Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
    29 Nov 2017
    Hello all - my name is Chris and I’m a gift card reseller. I can provide discounted gift cards to most retailers in “unlimted” quantities.

    I’ve been a bulk seller to exchanges for years. If you’ve bought good gift cards that didn’t drain, odds are you’ve bought one of mine along the way. I’ve recently passed 7 figures per month in private sales.

    Reach out to me to discuss rates or availability.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
    8 Dec 2017
    My name is Jim Shires. I have an MBA and 35 years experience in sales and marketing: 10 years pharmaceuticals, 10 years CPG and 15 years Nutrition. Currently a Consultant.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
    12 Dec 2017
    My name is Nick. After more than a decade in customer service and a short stint in a utility role at a small content marketing company, I have decided to break away from the corporate rat race to work independently and start an eCommerce business centered around dropshipping.

    I have a passion for learning, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship and have joined this community in hopes of learning useful skills that I can apply to my passions and help develop my online business savvy to create a life of independence for me and my family. My wife and I have our first child on the way so time is of the essence but I am dedicating my full attention to make this work.

    Any advice and direction are welcomed. I look forward to learning, working, and growing with this community!
    Greece Greece
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    Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
    20 Dec 2017
    I am Konstantinos.I am new to ecommerce .One week ago i start dropshipping from Amazon to eBay. i have 31 listings with 1 sale by now.I want to learn how eCommerce market works and how i can benefit from it.
    Grantham United Kingdom
    Khaos Control Solutions
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    Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
    21 Dec 2017
    Khaos Control Cloud Website

    Khaos Control Solutions released their Cloud version of Khaos Control in 2016. Our Server based solution been about since 2000 but our new Khaos Control Cloud product is aimed at the small and medium businesses looking for an entry level ERP system. Designed for both Wholesalers and Retailers it allows for so much more than just order processing and stock/inventory control!

    Businesses who want to know more about our solution please follow the website link, email me at or call 08455443032.


    The Khaos Family

    Thompson & Holt