Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
20 Aug 2019
Hi there everybody,

My Name is Sander and work for Shareforce as online marketer. We build apps for all kind of businesses. Medical, financial, education, traveling, etc.

The goal of the apps is different and not just because of the branche. In some cases it has to function as an extra channel to sell the products or services. In other cases it is to optimize the intern company processes or just to give the customers more service or information.

Our app developers work together with our clients and our app developers are the communicative types.

Nice to see all the entrepreneurs here, really inspiring!
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
21 Aug 2019
Hi WebRetailers,

My name is Steven and I am an ambassador for a CBD-based company in London.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
22 Aug 2019
Hi guys,

Dan here, I am Digital manager for a e-commerce vape retailer. We've recently moved from a Magento site to Shopify. - we've struggled for traffic since migrating, but we did launch the shopify site around the same time as the medic update.

I wanted to join web retailer to get insights from you guys on how we can not only improve our organic reach but also conversion.

If anyone can spare some time to look at the site and feedback it would be awesome.

Many thanks,
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Nadav Roiter: eCommerce customer support expert
22 Aug 2019

I’m Nadav and I am the marketing manager for Subivi eCommerce CRM. I run a blog which deals with a variety of issues including:

- eCom customer support
- Marketplace SEO
- eCommerce News
- Branding & marketing
- eCommerce growth strategies

My latest article talks about The Secrets of Cracking Amazon’s A9 Algorithm. If you want to improve your customer service, grow your business, build your brand and promote your listings - I am your man! Drop me a line and I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals.

Looking forward to helping you in the Web Retailer forum!


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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
27 Aug 2019
I am John Minna living in Mulgrave, Australia. An expert front-end developer and learning other programming languages and digital marketing types.
Front-end developer at 4g modem router manufacturing website Intercel Pty Ltd.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
28 Aug 2019
My name is Peter Cole and I am an expert search engine optimizer. Currently I am working on an online tutoring website SolutionInn.
Now I want to expand my knowledge and want to learn Amazon, Shopify and eBay marketing strategies as I found many materiel about it on this forum.
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Thomas Hood
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
31 Aug 2019
I am from London, managing academic services provider company Pioneer Papers UK. It offers documents translation, localization, proofreading, plagiarism checking, journal submission, document formatting etc for academic and business papers.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
10 Sep 2019
Hi! I am Diane, starting a new canvas website. I hope we could exchange help and thoughts here. Have a nice day!

-Diane Leanne Miller
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
13 Sep 2019
Hi Everyone,

My Names Dave Ferguson and I'm the founder of FXTSolutions Ltd. We are an e-commnerce business going for approx. 6 months with two products currently being sold exclusively on Amazon.

I would like to share knowledge and gain insight into this new world through the Forums platform.

My current area of interest after relatively slow initial sales is advertising and marketing.

Looking forward to getting stuck In...

Dave (FXT) Fergsuon

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Dave Fergsuon
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THE INTRODUCTION!! (big music background)
18 Sep 2019
So hello! No idea who will see this or who cares but I am Danielle. I started on eBay a few years ago but began my official store this summer. I am a mom, a wife, a medical professional and a jack-of-all-trades on the side. Ebay began as just something to get a few extra bucks but has turned into a supplemental income. My store has been successful but I have not found my niche. I see several "categories" or themes that sell well but don't work for me. Maybe it's cuz I'm a baby and no one sees me yet. I just started ordering wholesale so I am being positive that business will grow with the upcoming holiday season.

I am open to advice and suggestions from those who have done online retail. I've had some downers (cuz the customer is NOT always right) but I feel like this could be a very good thing for my family. I want to make the right choices and be successful so any advice, suggestions or warnings (jaws music inserted) is welcomed.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
19 Sep 2019
My name is Jose. I am a co-founder of an Ecommerce consultation agency Zshops.

ZShops is an ecommerce consulting firm that began in 2015. We strive to be your key to owning an eCommerce business and help everyday people become eCommerce entrepreneurs. We have developed a process to assist anyone with little to no ecommerce experience into becoming an internet business owner. ZShops offers the complete eCommerce package that includes ready-to-go internet businesses with hours of step-by-step consultation and training. Pricing ranges from 5-15K$ per website.

The package includes:
A professionally designed website
Vendor relationships established
Facebook page with 1k active fans
Instagram page with 2k active followers
200 pre-loaded products
Initial SEO
Consistent Traffic for partner niche stores.
Easy to use shopping cart with SSL and premium plugins.

The website currently on the market are in various industries including:

Medical gear
And more

Feel free to reach out incase you have an questions or if you’d like to inquire about any of the websites.


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